Training For Musicians and Artists

The Firebird Trust’s offer training for musicians and artists. We work with artists to develop their ideas and provide exciting environments for high quality projects throughout the UK. We help artists at all stages of their careers and provide support to make a positive impact on their work.


Firebird can help with all aspects of finding funding from identifying potential sources of funding through to proposal writing, devising a budget, managing finance and reporting.

Project Management and Evaluation

At Firebird we can assist you with any aspect of your project from conception to evaluation including a wealth of experience, resources, extensive contacts, administrative support and office/meeting space.


Firebird builds training into our projects giving artists the opportunity to manage their own projects and timetables allowing for greater artistic freedom and ownership of the project.

Peer to Peer Networking

Firebird organises events that give musicians chance to network, discuss projects and collaborate with each other. This is an important part of our organisation giving everyone working with us space to reflect on their work as freelance musicians and discuss new ideas for collaboration.


As an organisation Firebird Trust’s staff, musicians, trainees & trustees possess a wide range of skills, qualities, experience, talent and attributes which we use freely to help everyone involved in our work.


Working with Firebird provides new opportunities, possibilities and challenges for all involved. This leads to new partnerships and relationships between individuals and organisations that allow everyone to explore new horizons, ideas, skills and ways of working.

For more information on how you can utilise our resources and services then please contact 01159784985 or alternatively please visit our Contact Us page.