Team building corporate events incorporating creative music making

Why not bring your team to one of Firebird Trust’s team building corporate events and experience something different…..

Enjoy a corporate music based workshop and learn transferable skills for the workplace.

Enjoy a corporate music based workshop and learn transferable skills for the workplace.

When playing music, you are constantly making new decisions on tempo, tone, style, rhythm, phrasing and feeling. This trains the brain to become incredibly good at organising and conducting numerous activities at once.
Approximately 90% of the brain’s motor control capabilities are devoted to the hands, mouth and throat. With this in mind, experts say that the fine dexterity involved with playing an instrument or singing can exercise the entire brain and stimulate general intelligence.

Music has been found to improve how the brain processes the spoken word. This leads employees to become more self-confident and better able to express their ideas.

The arts create a supportive environment that promotes constructive acceptance of criticism and one in which it is safe to take risks.

Experts say that over the next ten years, knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience in art, music, culture and entertainment will help companies and their employees innovate and gain that essential advantage over the competition.

The skills gained through sequential music instruction, including discipline and the ability to analyse, solve problems, communicate and work cooperatively, are vital for success in the 21st century workplace.

Firebird Music Services are giving organisations the opportunity to learn transferable skills for the workplace whilst taking part in creative and exciting music based workshops. You may be wondering how music can be translated into workplace skills training, download our Firebird Trust’s Corporate Workshop Brochure, or read more about our training packages below and download our workshop overviews. We are also competent in designing bespoke workshops that meet the specific needs of your organisation and the generic packages we provide can be tailored to your needs.

Our Team Building Corporate Event Packages Include:

Bringing Folk Together:

A day of folk music and dance, celebration and communal activity designed for everyone. A great for a marketing spin for any organisation with a deep rooted English heritage!

Warble While You Work: 
What’s all the fuss about when it comes to choirs? See for yourself with our community choir package. Give Gareth Malone a run for his money!

Explore the potential of music technology to express ideas, thoughts and feelings. Have the opportunity to learn about podcasting. Great for a media based organisation!

Percussion Chronicles:
Clap, drum, play your ‘armpit’…only joking! Use rhythm and sound to encourage team building, communication, plus more.

For more information on our team building corporate packages please contact 01159 932346, or alternatively please visit our Contact Us page.