KOMPOSIT – Opportunities for Musicians

Next stage of programme – seeking funding and partnerships

Komposit is about provision of a non restrictive composition tool where a composer works with musicians from different genres of music of their choice. The next stage of the project is to look at appropriate funding and create a synthesis of the product to suit so that we can move forward.

The motivation for Komposit comes from knowing that unless you hear your compositions played by real musicians you never really ‘hear’ it and can’t develop it. This is especially true for embryonic non classical composers.

Jo Freya will lead the Komposit activity but will be supported by other Firebird colleagues to review and support the work.


KOMPOSIT is an initiative that has been established to provide opportunities for musicians to take part in various activities and expand their musical repertoire and expertise. KOMPOSIT is designed to support artists and composers who aren’t interested in being confined to particular genres but wish to experiment and work with interesting people and instrumentation.

KOMPOSIT Workshops

A structured experience, composers and musicians are given an experience facilitating a process of communication and music development. Musicians and composers that take part in these workshops are professionals who come from various musical backgrounds and genres. The reason why our workshops are popular is because they allow composers to create music collaboratively, utilising the experience and expertise of other performers and without being confined to unnecessary boundaries.

“‘I really enjoyed the rehearsals and also the social aspect – getting to know people (whom were all great).” –  KOMPOSIT Composer

“I liked the fact that this project didn’t just involve reading musicians and that the composition could be approached through the score or aurally. There were good sight-readers, but also good improvisers and musicians with ‘good ears’. A nice mix! It was very nice for me to play with jazz musicians again and for us to bounce solos off each other.” KOMPOSIT Workshop Participant.

Young Composer Mentoring Scheme

Running parallel to the KOMPOSIT workshops are our mentoring schemes. Young composers are mentored using a similar methods as described above and get to work with professional musicians of which allows them to expand their knowledge and expertise. Young musicians are encouraged to join professionals in composition realisation workshops, as a form of mentoring.

KOMPOSIT Linking Scheme

We also provide a scheme that links musicians to composers and vice versa. This enables artists to reach the right person and allows them to continue with their development.

Composer/Performer Platforms

On a regular basis KOMPOSIT runs composer/performer platforms at key venues in the East Midlands. KOMPOSIT Composer Performer Platforms are an initiative designed to showcase the existing work of our composers that has been developed independently from the main KOMPOSIT program. Every composer needs to hear their music played live, and whilst we can’t offer one of our structured workshop environments to everyone, we feel it is important to offer as many showcase opportunities as possible so composers are able to present their own developing work. The following are just a few of the artists that have performed in the Composer/Performer Platforms:

Rob Upton

Rob Upton is a musician renowned for his dedicated approach to teaching and education. Having gained a first class honours degree in Music from the University of Nottingham, he is also a performer, accompanist and DJ. He performed at the Derby Assembly Rooms on 9th May 2013 – See more at: www.robuptonmusic.com

The Sterling Trio

The Sterling Trio was formed at the Royal Northern College of Music in 2006, and has since established itself as an exciting, innovative and engaging chamber ensemble. They performed at Theatre Royal in Nottingham on 22nd November 2012. For more information go to: www.thesterlingtrio.com/thesterlingtrio.com/Home.html

Kayla Kavanagh

Kayla is an accomplished artist and played the Eigen Harp at the Derby Assembly Rooms in February 2012. For more information on Kayla, please follow the link  www.kaylakavanagh.com

Mas Y Mas

Mas Y Mas are a Nottingham based Latin-American/Cuban band. They performed at the Lincoln Drill Hall in November 2011. Mas Y Mas are fronted by Rikki Thomas Martinez who is also a member of Firebird’s Artist Association.- www.masymas.co.uk

For more information and to contact us, please follow the link www.komposit.org.uk