Music for Under 5’s to Aid Development.

Teaching rhythm and rhyme from a young age.

Teaching rhythm and rhyme from a young age.

The Firebird Trust works in childcare settings delivering a combined arts programme and music for under 5’s and their families.

A current initiative is designing and delivering a combined arts programme to aid development in under 5’s and their families at Sure Start Centres across North West Leicestershire. We hope to inspire families to engage in learning and development through the use of arts and cultural activities that they enjoy together. We aim to increase the confidence and skill of parents to transfer their learning and creative activities into the home environment.

We have had a great success rate with this project, so much so that our contract has been renewed for 2013.

Here is a brief case study giving you an idea on the positive outcomes generated through this project:

Initially the child described was difficult to engage, and had a very low attention span. After participating in our sessions at

Music for under 5's. To aid development and to encourage parents to try new things with their children.

Music for under 5’s. To aid development and to encourage parents to try new things with their children.

North West Leicester Sure Start Centres the parents have noticed that their child has become calmer and more involved in activities at the sessions and has also started engaging and playing games at home.

Subsequently the child’s father has bought a guitar and the family now use child centered songs to engage the child at home. These songs can be used and tailored around any subject such as breakfast, tidying up, getting shoes on or even bedtime routines!

Parent has said: “I think it’s been one of the best sessions since coming to SureStart – very interactive and cultural, using music from around the world with the rhymes… It’s very uplifting… makes me want to be creative…”

Another interesting Mother & Child case study documented at a Rhythm and Rhyme session. Resident practitioner Dave ‘Stickman’ Higgins runs the project and captured this as part of a recent report.

***** is 2 years old and it’s her second phase experience in the Rhythm and Rhyme sessions. Her mother has noticed and experienced marked changes with her daughter in her behaviour and outlook during creative play. She believes and feels that ***** has benefited from the sessions in many ways. ***** has developed her imagination and has grown in confidence in terms of her actions and speech. She is developing the ability to speak in full sentences and has improved on her phrasing of words. Plus, her attention span has definitely improved.

The Firebird Trust was also involved in Derbyshire County Council’s Rhythm and Rhyme project. This provided a similar service giving babies, toddlers and their parents opportunities for creative music making and encouraged bonding between parent and child.

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**** names have been removed to protect the child’s identity.