Community Music and Involvement

Firebird Trust’s community music initiatives use music  to unite people of all ages to get involved in creative music making. These projects bring people together through workshops run by highly skilled and experienced practitioners. This creates cohesive communities by forging friendships and uniting people in a creative social activity. Firebird Trust run projects that generate community involvement.

Examples of our community involvement include:

Looked After Children project

Resident and member of staff taking part in a circus skills workshop

Resident and member of staff taking part in a circus skills workshop

Firebird deliver this commissioned work in 6 Children’s Homes across Lincolnshire.

The project is funded by Lincolnshire County Council and project managed by Firebird Trust sees various skilled practitioners executing a range of crafts and activities within various Looked after Children homes across Lincolnshire. Residents have been able to enjoy drama, music, storytelling, mosaic art, clay model design and various other crafts. Children have been encouraged to get involved and staff and practitioners alike have seen a positive effect on their behaviour and overall wellbeing. To read more about our work in Looked after Children homes, please download our case studies:

Dance Case Study

Hartsholme Case Study

All the artists we work with have a very flexible approach to their work and can respond to young people’s requests, which at times are eclectic!  In 2015 our dance artist planned a workshop around the themes of Dinosaurs and Michael Jackson for Strut House in Lincoln!

In addition we also provide an Arts Award strand. This portfolio based qualification is a personalised learning journey at different levels.  In February 2016 two young people from Gainsborough passed their Arts Award at Bronze level (the equivalent of a D at GCSE) a great achievement for both girls. We also offer Arts Award at Discover and Explore Level.


“CC is a young man with autism, he is very musical, humming songs and making a variety of vocalisations however he doesn’t talk. Usually CC is reluctant to stay in a room with other people, preferring his own space. Staff encouraged CC into the lounge where Gregg had already started to play the didgeridoo, there was an expectation that CC would walk straight out again however right from the start he seemed to be mesmerised.CC copied the sounds that Gregg played and in no time they were interacting with each other, Gregg would make a combination of sounds, CC would copy it, then CC would vocalise and Gregg copied him. CC participated in the session for 45minutes, which for CC was quite an achievement”. Boston Haven Children’s Home

The Brailsford Songphony project.

Using music as a catalyst in rural Derbyshire we encourage community interaction and through this engagement with the community, raise awareness of the history of the village and community. We did this by creating a Time Peace Memory Corner with objects of significance; all these objects were catalysts that triggered memories and generated personal stories about village life past and present of which we filmed during morning coffee sessions. The musicians involved generated poetry about life and time with members of the group which was then turned into a song and performed by local school children and the church choir. We believe that this project was a great confidence builder for those involved, it helped to unlock musical and physical confidence within the participants and also helped to bridge cultural and intergenerational gaps.

Ripples and Waves

Community music. After school guitar club for parents and children.

Community music. After school guitar club for parents and children.

A project set up by The Firebird Trust that encourages interaction between two communities. It brings people together through creative music making workshops run by highly skilled and experienced musicians. Ripples and Waves use music to unite people of all ages to get involved in music making. One scheme currently running under this project is an after school guitar club for parents and children to learn to play together. Another recent scheme run under this project was a song writing workshop for local bands to participate in together. We believe that these events create more cohesive communities by forging friendships and uniting people in a creative social activity.

“We have been very pleased with work from the project and it has benefited many families in the area. The guitar club has been especially brilliant as it has enabled parents and children to learn together. (So much so there’s a waiting list to start in September!!!) Liam has also supported throughout and the dance/ music sessions have been super. Any further working together / support would be extremely well received.” (Sue Beveridge, Binbrook Primary School Head Teacher).


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