Past Creative Music Making Activities

Firebird Trust have run many successful creative music making activities in the past. Below are just a few examples.

  • Rhythm and Rhyme

Working with Sure Start centres in North West Leicestershire to engage vulnerable families and children using music as a tool to encourage stronger bonds within their relationships and provide new shared experiences.

  • Ripples and Waves

Using music as a catalyst for rural communities in East Lindsey (Lincolnshire) to explore social and cultural identity. Implementing new approaches to continuing professional development through action learning.
Various professional artist development projects.
Participatory workshops for people with varying levels of special educational needs in the East Midlands.Research and development into disability arts within the East Midlands.
The introduction of corporate training workshops to our range of services.
An exciting new way of introducing transferable skills into the workplace.

  • Pebbles in Ponds

A community music project that took place in  two villages in Lincolnshire and three villages in Derbyshire. This project utilised the musical creativity of young people and catalysed the music making of the entire community to sit  at the heart of rural life.

  • Activate

The Firebird Trust were involved in a business development programme for artists. The programme provided support for artists in developing their businesses within the arts and education sector through a mixture of seminars, action groups, trade fairs, and one-to-one mentoring.

  • Good Vibrations  

A major national project for The Firebird Trust using gamelan instruments as a tool for developing the team working and key skills of prisoners in a wide range of custodial institutions including secure hospitals and young offenders institutions. The project has now become a successful national organisation in its own right.

  • Enough Space for Everyone

Culminating at the Richard Attenborough Centre, this unique project provided young people, including people from a SEN background in the Leicester area with an opportunity to work with professional musicians and scientists to explore the connections between these two very different disciplines and in particular, examine concepts underpinning the science of astronomy and space travel.

  • Hawk Henries

A project designed to link with the quarter centenary celebrations of the founding of Jamestown, Virginia and its founder, Captain John Smith. The project centred around native American musician and storyteller, Hawk Henries, who travelled to East Lindsey, Lincolnshire for a two week residency during which he collaborated with local musicians and the London Mozart Players to put on both workshops and concerts around the county.

  • Musicom

This training programme provided support for local emerging community musicians and was sponsored by Lincolnshire County Council. The programme consisted of one-to-one mentoring sessions, direct training and workshops observation delivered by some of the UK’s leading community music practitioners.

  • Digital Beginnings  

Digital Beginnings was a series of music making activities designed specifically for people with disabilities, providing pathways into music for people with additional needs of all ages. Using music technology participants make musical sounds and create, play and perform music in a number of different ways. This project actively encouraged participants to be creative and to embrace their own musicality.

  • Brailsford Songphony

Using music as a catalyst in rural Derbyshire to encourage cross generational community interaction and to raise awareness of the history of the village  and its community.

These diverse activities are all linked by our concerns for:

Innovation in artistic practice.  

Developing and sustaining bespoke relationships between artists and communities of interest.

Inspiring and empowering people through a creative and dynamic involvement in music making.