Firebird Music Services

Firebird Music Services  has been established to support the social purpose of the organisation. Because funding opportunities are at an all time low for the arts, Firebird Music Services will give the non profit side of Firebird Trust the opportunity to become a self sustaining operation.

Below are areas where Firebird Music Services will be operating:

Education & Training

We continue to develop the Trust’s pioneering work in artist development and the delivery of music education programmes in the community. We will continue to develop programmes with partners that offer accredited or recognised education or training routes. These programmes range from initial training post school, carrying on the aspirations of the Future Jobs Fund programme, through to specialist training for graduates in developing skills in the delivery of community based music programmes across all of our interest areas outlined in our plan. Read more about our education programmes here.

Health & Wellbeing

We have established expertise in the delivery of music based programmes for mental health and dementia groups in both community and clinical settings. We will conduct research to find gaps in provision, for both service delivery opportunities and training for potential practitioners. This will form part of the planned programme of the Firebird Music Services in relation to contracts from health and social care commissioners and providers.


Firebird Music Services is offering you the chance to explore new ways of engaging your employees in fun team building training events! If you have a specific message that you want to get across to your employees or any particular skills you think need addressing then please contact us and we will generate a specific activity that will best suit your needs. For more information on the packages we provide, please click here.