Shirley Novak


Firebird Trust Resident Artist Profile: Shirley Novak

Personal Achievements to Date:

For eleven years Shirley was a professional singer/songwriter touring nationally and throughout Europe, and writing/recording four CD’s of original material. With her own unique brand of acoustic music, she played to audiences all over Europe ranging from 20 people in an intimate setting, through to audiences of up to 13,000 at various festivals and  Television appearances.

Firebird Projects Undertaken:

Shirley Novak is a creative practitioner in music technology delivering music/media centred workshops providing opportunities to enable anyone with an interest, or a range of skills experience and expectations, to access music/media at all levels, on all scales and in a variety of roles ‘whoever you are’. Her aim is to be completely inclusive, and for many years has worked with people with a disability, people in rehabilitation through injury, and children with special educational needs, creating music and exploring ways that music/media can be used to communicate using assistive technology. Most recently Shirley has been involved in The Firebird Trust’s [Digital Beginnings] project.