Jo Freya

Founder of KOMPOSIT and supported by Firebird Trust: Jo Freya

Personal Achievements to date:

Jo has been playing at the forefront of the English Folk Scene since the 1970’s. She won the French Gold award for world music as part of the group ‘SCARP’ in the 1990’s. Jo also performs as part of Coope Boyes and Simpson Fraser Freya Boyes in shows written and read by Michael Morpurgo (of War Horse fame). These performances include two at the National Theatre and various Cathedrals in England. She has also been honoured to work alongside Joanna Lumley, Juliette Stevenson, Jenny Agutter and Virginia McKenna. Not only all of this but she has worked with the late great Lal Waterson and brought out a highly acclaimed CD of Lal’s songs under the title of Jo Freya’s Lal Waterson project. Currently Jo is part of a musical trio called Freya Abbott Ferguson (with Jude and Neil from Chumbawumba) reviewed as ‘A marriage made in musical heaven’.  As part of her  development as a composer  she has been and still is mentored by Judith Weir (CBE).

Firebird projects undertaken:

The Firebird Trust has worked with Jo and supported her during the set up KOMPOSIT  (see the About Us section for more information). KOMPOSIT has branched out to create composer performance platforms within key venues in the East Midlands e.g. Derby Assembly Rooms, Lincoln Drill Hall and Nottingham Royal Centre.

Jo says, ‘Firebird has been invaluable in providing administrative support and advice at all points. This has included help with funding applications to develop my organisation KOMPOSIT further whilst allowing me the freedom to grow it in the way that seems right to me. This is not an organisation that forces its ideas on you but rather cherishes and nurtures the artists own visions and wishes.’