Gary Hammond


Firebird Trust Artist: Gary Hammond

Personal achievements to date:

Resident Firebird Trust Artist, Gary Hammond has been very lucky to have worked in so many different genres of music, from 12 years with The Beautiful South, recording with James Galway and Norman Wisdom, amongst many others!  He has also worked as a session musician for many TV shows including, Monarch of the Glen, London’s Burning, Comic Strip, Absolutely Fabulous, Ruby Wax Show and countless others.

Firebird projects undertaken:

Gary started at the end of the Tideswell project in Derbyshire . He then went on to work in 3 rural villages with other Firebird artists which ended in a project (for the three artists involved) called Moving On, which took place in Chesterfield . Gary has also been involved in the project Pebbles in Ponds where he has been working in partnership with Liam Robinson (another Firebird artist in residence) in Binbrook and Brookenby for the last 2 years. A project that Gary says’ is ongoing and still very exciting’. He has also worked on the Future Jobs Fund scheme as a mentor.

Gary says ‘Firebird Trust is a wonderful organisation that trusts your professionalism enough to allow you to work, develop and manage projects without too much interference but with a guiding and very supportive hand.’