Frank Kelly

Frank Kelly

Firebird Trust Artist: Frank Kelly

Personal achievements to date:

Frank has over a decade of experience in charities and community organisations in Northern Ireland, Irish Republic, Zimbabwe and England. This includes work in community reconciliation, urban and rural regeneration and strengthening communities facing economic or political instability. She’s also worked in various local authority roles addressing diversity, economic growth, partnerships and organisational development.

Throughout the years, Frank has designed and delivered many team-building and developmental workshops, seminars and conferences using a wide variety of tools and techniques to achieve lasting impact and benefit. Working as a singer since 2006, her recent work focuses on the use of singing and arts to achieve individual and community coherence and confidence, tackle issues of isolation and confidence and empowers people to sing and find ways of using creativity to help solve problems.

She’s completed extensive education and training in adult education, change management, facilitation, community development, economic development, mediation, management and consensus building.

Firebird projects undertaken:

Frank is the newest creative team member to join Firebird Trust. We are looking forward to utilising Frank’s expertise and can’t wait to fill this spot with great projects and events that she has had a part in creating and executing.