About Firebird Trust- A Non Profit Music Organisation

‘Inspiring People through Music’

So, you want to learn more about Firebird Trust! We are a specialist non profit music organisation based in the East Midlands. Working with freelance musicians, we provide them with the tools and resources that develop ideas into innovative projects inspiring positive action for everyone involved.

We work with professional musicians at all stages of their careers. Musicians involved with us are given freedom to develop their ideas within projects and follow their own creative paths. Through the projects we deliver we provide platforms for everybody to access music making in a creative and enjoyable way.

We work with partners in the arts, education, and local government and specialise in initiating and developing cross-sector programmes that draw on knowledge and expertise from other sectors including health and wellbeing, education and business.

How we can help you

Rhythm & Rhyme Session at a Northwest Leicestershire Sure Start Centre

Rhythm & Rhyme Session at a Northwest Leicestershire Sure Start Centre

The Firebird Trust operate within various sectors ranging from healthcare and wellbeing through to local communities. Our music based projects have different outcomes depending on each sector we are operating in. For Education, our programme of work is designed to enhance and sit alongside the National Curriculum, under 5’s are catered for with workshops that aid their development whilst strengthening parent/child bond. For Healthcare and Wellbeing, our initiatives are designed to relieve participants during difficult times or situations. Our Training programmes are designed to benefit musicians and artists and give them opportunities to utilise their skills. KOMPOSIT presents opportunities to musicians and composers to showcase their talent and build their musical repertoire. Community based projects are designed to create cohesion and to also provide residents with access to music and skills they wouldn’t normally get to experience. To support the non-profit music organisation, Firebird Trust, we also operate Firebird Music Services. This falls under the Firebird Trust umbrella but is established to support the social purpose of the trust. Our Corporate services operate under Firebird Music Services and all of our workshops are designed to enhance or teach transferable skills for the workplace.

The Firebird Trust Mission Statement

The Firebird Trust is a pioneering non profit music organisation, committed to artistic excellence, founded on the principle of inspiring and empowering people through a creative   involvement in making music.