Firebird Trust is Changing

July 29th, 2014

What does Firebird actually do?

The redefined mission of the Firebird Trust is to

  • help communities through innovative music and performance / creative projects
  • support growing the economic opportunity for community projects for both communities and artists
  • support artists develop as community artists both through their projects and collaborationCommunity / Innovation / Development / Collaborative Learning

    Community is defined as a “group of people who have a common link and a common benefit.”

    The Firebird difference

  • No project happens without collective learning for both the communities and artists
  • We try out new ideas for community projects and look for new ways these can be further developed and used elsewhere

We want Firebird to become a “club” that artists will want to belong to.

The “club” will offer – creative control, development of personal projects, professional development, paid work and to those who want it ownership and control of the direction of Firebird.

Firebird would want dissemination of learning, a distinctive quality of delivery, artists to promote Firebird and recommend others to join.

Frances Watt

Freelance project management and business development on Komposit and Folk Hub

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