Rhythm & Rhyme project – Parent and Child Creative Play

October 29th, 2012

Rhythm and Rhyme project

Creating music at a Rhythm and Rhyme session.

Following on from our previous article :- SureStart Plays Host to Rhythm and Rhyme Programme, we are keen to give you all an update.

Dave ‘Stickman’ Higgins and  Rikki Thomas Martinez are delivering Rhythm and Rhyme projects at Sure Start venues across North West Leicestershire.

Some of the activities executed at these Rhythm and Rhyme sessions create inspirational language from both parents and children. The aim is to strengthen knowledge, vocabulary and communication skills plus create bonds through parent and child creative play.

We have recently received another case study from the session that we believe sums up the type of experience and outcome we aim to provide parent and child with. This is as follows:

Initially the child* described in this case study was difficult to engage, and had a very low attention span. After participating in our sessions at North West Leicester Sure Start Centres the parents have noticed that their child has become calmer and more involved in activities at the sessions but has started engaging and playing games at home.

 Subsequently the child’s father has bought a guitar and the family now use child centred songs to engage the child at home. These songs can be used and tailored around any subject such as breakfast, tidying up, getting shoes on or even bedtime routines!

 Parent has said: “I think it’s been one of the best sessions since coming to SureStart – very interactive and culturally combining music from around the world with the rhymes… It’s very uplifting… makes me want to be creative…”

We hope to be able to supply more of these case studies to share with you. It’s great to have these sessions deliver such positive outcomes!

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of our Rhythm and Rhyme participants.