Evaluation of Music in the Community Project-Ripples & Waves

August 16th, 2012

Jude Hall, Freelance Cultural Project Evaluator carried out a report to evaluate how successful Firebird Trust’s Ripples and Waves, a music in the community project, had been this year.

Communities of Binbrook and Brookenby were the focus of this project and it was born from the lack of community events available in the area. The Firebird Trust and resident artists Liam Robinson and Gary Hammond had a desire to rectify this and create a community for these two villages in East Lindsey, Lincolnshire.

Various activities took place under the umbrella of the Ripples and Waves project. Examples include:

• After School Guitar Club

• Binbrook Activity Night

• Ravendale Care Home Visits

• Story & Sound Sessions


• The encouragement and growth of two local groups. Folk group and youth rock band.

The community were rewarded for their participation and support with one off events such as:

• Song writing workshops

• A Memphis Belle celebration

• Local History Group Talks

• Other skill building activities

The project’s aims were to make music an everyday commonplace occurrence, create a social experience, positively engage community members of all ages, build confidence through a taught programme and develop skills. They also aimed to create foundations for community engagement.

The ultimate aim of the Firebird Trust was that the project should become self sustaining, leaving the residents of Binbrook and Brookenby with the skills, knowledge and tools to continue the work initiated by the project alone.

Our aims were achieved and we received some excellent feedback from members of the community. We are proud to leave behind a legacy that will continue to thrive in a flourishing community.

The following are examples of some of the testimonials we received from various participants of this project. It’s always great to get such fantastic feedback.

“We have been very pleased with work from the project and it has benefited many families in the area. The guitar club has been especially brilliant as it has enabled parents and children to learn together. (So much so there’s a waiting list to start in September!!!) Liam has also supported throughout and the dance/ music sessions have been super. Any further working together / support would be extremely well received.” (Binbrook Primary School Head Teacher).

“Gary helped create a unique experience for the kids, something which they’d never have had a chance to participate in otherwise. Everything has been received extremely positively!” (Family Activity Club coordinator).